Key Stage 4 Courses

We offer an exciting, challenging and rewarding curriculum at Key Stage 4 with the full range of subjects.

Our curriculum is broadly divided into two main sections; the compulsory curriculum and the guided choices. An overview of the curriculum is below – including the number of periods allocated out of a 50 period fortnightly timetable.

The Core Curriculum

English Language and English Literature (9 Periods)

Mathematics (9 Periods)

Sciences – all students will study Combined Science which is worth two GCSEs. The option to take triple science is available in the Guided Choices section. (10 Periods)

PSHE – non-examined – delivered weekly in extended form period.

Physical Education – this core physical activity provides all students with the opportunity to be involved in physical exercise each week. (2 Periods)

Guided Choices

Students will have the opportunity to select FOUR additional subjects through one of our Guided Choices pathways. Each subject will have 5 periods 

Guided Option subjects on offer at The Lowry Academy in 2021 included

GCSE Subjects Vocational Subjects

Art and Design

Art Textiles

Computer Science



Philosophy and Ethics




Triple Science

Level 1/2 Catering

Level 1/2 Construction

Cambridge National Creative iMedia

Level 1/2 Engineering

Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing

BTEC Health and Social Care

BTEC Music

BTEC Performing Arts

Cambridge National Sports Studies

For more information, please see our 2020/21 Options Booklet