The Library & Reading Routes

We believe that reading is central to the development of our students and have implemented ‘Lowry Academy Reading Routes’ for our students to encourage as many students as possible to read for pleasure.  A key aim of our ‘Reading Routes’ is to foster a love of reading for leisure and pleasure whilst widening the cultural experiences of our students and ultimately broadening their learning beyond the core curriculum and opening their minds to a different world. 

Students will embrace the programme as they immerse themselves into a variety of different books that they previously might not have envisioned themselves reading. Whilst helping to improve their confidence and self-esteem through developing their reading skills. Reading Routes will also strengthen the school community through a shared reading experience that promotes our school values. 

We want to expose our students to a range of literary genres and experiences including: 

Not only do our book choices encourage students to engage with genres they might not usually find themselves reading, but they will also be exposed to unfamiliar topics to broaden their understanding of the world around them. It is important that our books choices, in the form of both fiction and non-fiction books, reflect the range and interest of our students. 

In addition to reading by genre our students can choose a route of books selected by our faculty leaders, books links to each of our school values or books inspired and written by the authors on our form time reading programme. 

Our reading routes are intrinsically linked to our school rewards and merit system. Each student who reads will receive a reading rout pass that we will update for each book they read. Students will complete a book review when they return their book to recommend and promote this with their peers.  


Reading Routes

At The Lowry Academy we want our students to develop a genuine love of reading. We encourage our students to access as many of our designated reading routes as possible throughout the academic year. 

Faculty Recommended Reading List

Here is a list of books especially chosen by each of our faculties that will allow our students to develop both a love of reading, enhance their cultural capital and spark an intellectual thirst for knowledge. 

Inspired by Form Time Reading

This collection of books is inspired and written by the authors featured on our form time reading programme. 

Recommended Reads by Year Group

Here students will find a selection of books and literacy genres appropriate to their year group. Why not read your way through a particular genre or try a different book from each? 

Bucket List Reads

This is the ultimate bucket list of books for students to read before they turn 18 including a mix of classics, young adult fiction, and non-fiction. Parents may even want to re-read or cross some of these off their own list for the first time! 

The Revision List

We want to give our students the best opportunities and support in their exams. This list contains revision recommendations for KS3 and KS4 as recommended by of subject leaders. These can all be found in the revision section of the library.