Year 7 Transition

Please explore the Parents and Students areas of our website to find important information about the school day timings, homework, the curriculum and more.

Please also visit our Uniform page to find out what to wear and where to buy it.

Salford Foundation have produced a special transition booklet for year 6 students that addresses the implications of COVID-19. This booklet leads students to accept where they are; find positives in the period of lockdown and address their feelings; and then to move forward to high school and think about what life might be like as a high school pupil.

We will contact Year 6 parents and students for induction in the summer term.

Here are some other websites providing support to help year 6 students prepare for transition can be found:

Here is great booklet on e-safety aimed at year 6 students moving to secondary: Internet Safety Guidance


If you are a student experiencing or are in danger of neglect, abuse, radicalisation or are vulnerable to exploitation please see Miss Williams or Miss Harvey for assistance and advice as soon as possible – don’t suffer in silence.

You can email Miss Williams directly at

Alternatively, you can use The Sharp System (School Help Advice Reporting Page) online, to make a report via an online form, which can be done anonymously if you prefer.

Year 7 Transition - Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child receive homework at The Lowry Academy?

Yes. Homework will be set on a regular basis through a homework calendar through a student's time at The Lowry Academy. If students need to access the internet to complete any homework this can be done in the Library after school.

Are there detentions at The Lowry Academy?

Yes. Detentions are carried out for a number of reasons for example, being late to a lesson or being removed from a lesson.

What is Arbor?

Arbor is an online platform that send notifications to your device so you can track and monitor your child in school. This will show you attendance and punctuality information, if your child has received negative or positive points and homework information.

What are the uniform expectations at The Lowry Academy?

You can purchase The Lowry Academy uniform at  this includes The Lowry Academy PE kit. Students are required to wear black shoes, black socks, smart black trousers or a pleated skirt to the knee. Please click here for more information. 

What equipment do students need to bring to The Lowry Academy?

Students are required to have an A4 sized bag, a black pen, a green pen, a ruler, a pencil and a rubber. Equipment is checked in form time every morning and equipment is sold in school at 10p per item. 

Will my child be placed in the same form as their friends from primary school?

At The Lowry Academy we strive to provide a comfortable learning environment for all students however, we cannot guarantee that friends will be placed together. There are still times in the school day such as break and lunch when students can mix with familiar friends.

Are students allowed mobile phones and headphones (air pods) at The Lowry Academy?

Mobile phones should be switched off and in a student’s bag. Headphones should be switched off and in a student’s bag. If a student is seen with a mobile phone or headphones these will be confiscated and picked up by the student at the end of the day.

What kind of piercings are allowed at The Lowry Academy?

Students are permitted to have one stud in each ear. Facial piercings are not permitted and students will be asked to remove these on arrival.

What are the rules on hair colour and make-up at The Lowry Academy?

At The Lowry Academy it is acceptable for students to dye their hair natural colours. False eyelashes and nails are not permitted and students will be asked to remove these on arrival.

Are students allowed false nails at The Lowry Academy?

Students are not permitted to have false nails and will be asked to remove these on arrival to school.

Could I speak to a teacher before my child starts at The Lowry Academy to get a better feel for the school?

Yes. It is perfectly acceptable to speak to a member of staff before any student starts at The Lowry Academy. Contact with any transition enquiries.