Year 9 Guided Choices

We are excited to introduce our Year 9 Guided Choices Booklet. We hope this will prove a helpful guide to help shape the trajectory of your future educational and career pathways. Your decisions in the subjects you choose are an important part of your school life, and the next two years are crucial to your future. Throughout this process, we will guide you in making the best possible choices from the subjects on offer. The choices you make now will play a pivotal role in shaping your academic experience and, ultimately, your future career. We have designed our curriculum offer to empower you to make informed decisions that align with your passions, interests, and aspirations.

On the pages that follow, you will find detailed information on all the subjects we offer from Year 10 onwards. Please read them together with your parents and discuss with them the subjects that you are interested in, considering those that will most help you in pursuing their future educational and career aspirations.

There are some examination subjects which all students must continue to study, which are: English (Language and Literature), Mathematics and Science. You must also continue to study some non-examination subjects (PE and PSHE). We work closely with your teachers, and consider your academic performance throughout KS3, to allocate you a pathway that is most suited to your academic needs.

There are a number of events that will take place that are important which are found as key dates on the inside cover of this booklet. Once all student choices have been collated, we will then be able to confirm which courses you will follow in Year 10. Whilst we envisage that all the courses in this booklet will run, there are things beyond our control. For example, if too few students choose a course, then it might not be possible for it to go ahead. We ask for your understanding in advance. There are some subjects which have a strict entry criteria, due to their academic nature, which are GCSE Computer Science, GCSE Psychology & GCSE Triple Science. Please see the outline of the guided choices on offer for detail about this criteria.

We understand that choosing the right combination of subjects can be a daunting task. To support you with this, our teachers and our dedicated careers advisor are here to guide you through this process, ensuring that you make choices that align with your unique strengths and future aspirations. You will have a meeting with Mrs Godfrey prior to selection, and parents are welcome to contact school to book in a meeting with Mrs Godfrey to discuss choices in person. We encourage you to engage in discussions with your teachers, peers, and family members as you navigate through the possibilities. Together, we can build a path that is tailor-made for your success.

We hope that you are excited as we are by the extensive range of courses and qualifications on offer. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to the Academy via Ask Lowry (

Year 9 Guided Choices Booklet 2024