Within our school we have a rich multicultural diversity with almost 170 students coming directly from other countries and a further 70 of international heritage speaking a variety of over 50 languages. We promote and celebrate different cultures throughout the year marking all world event days such as Refugee Week, Black History Month and World Language Days with assemblies and related activities. The EAL Hub is always open providing a friendly pastoral base during break and lunchtimes where students can meet, socialize or simply have a quiet space or reading time in our book corner.

For our international arrivals who are new to the English language, we offer a full language assessment and then 1-1/small group weekly intervention classes with our EAL specialist tutors. This is complemented by a range of support at all levels for all EAL learners including online booster tutorials, in-class support and afterschool clubs for homework and course catch up.

 Each of our students who has need is provided with their own bi-lingual dictionary to use in lessons plus they will be given the opportunity to take a GCSE in their home language where these are available once they reach Year 11.​

This year we have acquired a new computer-based learning program to engage each student on an individual learning path to support both their English learning and the wider curriculum - our new  IT facilities allows access to this program during club and Hub time as well as being able to log in at home.

We place particular importance on good communication links with all student families with access both translators and written translation services. These services support effective meetings with families and written communications to make sure parents and families are included in our school communications.