Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Mrs C Coy
Senior Vice Principal Mr S Fletcher
Vice Principal - Quality of Education Mrs R Aylward
Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning, and Staff Development Mr M Hood
Assistant Principal - Personal Development & Transition Mrs L Earle
Assistant Principal - Assessment, Data & Interventions Miss S Wells
Assistant Principal - Curriculum Mr D Hargreaves


Heads of Faculty

Head of English Miss J Farrell
Head of Maths Mr D Rooney
Head of Science Miss M Hindle
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs S Gallagher
Head of History Mr N Fox
Head of Geography Ms H Duckworth
Head of Design Technology Mrs K Boulter
Head of Creative Arts Mr J Osman
Head of Drama Miss E Wishart
Head of Music Miss C Clifton
Head of RE Mr P McKenzie

Head of PE/Sport

Miss V Pilling
Head of Computing Ms V Moloney


Heads of Year

Head of Year 7 Miss C Hodgkinson
Head of Year 8 Mr D Ashton
Head of Year 9 Mrs J Tough
Head of Year 10 Mr A Travis
Head of Year 11 Mr D Lavelle-Scally


Other Contacts

P.A. to Principal & School Operations Mrs B Duffy
Designated Safeguarding Lead Miss A Williams
Whole School Behaviour Lead Mr A Salmon
Senior Attendance Lead Miss L Connors
Transition Co-ordinator Mrs S Smith
Marketing Executive Miss J Barclay
SEND Coordinator Mrs J Travis
Finance Mrs A McElhinney