What will my child's learning be like in Maths?

We believe that every student has the ability to achieve success in Maths. We follow a curriculum which allows all students to achieve a depth of understanding in each topic. This understanding needs to be retained and developed over time using recall and retrieval activities in all lessons. We want every student to be confident and fluent in Mathematics so that can solve real world problems and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

What are we aiming to achieve in the Maths Department?

We aim to develop students into confident independent problem solvers who will achieve their full potential both in the school examinations and future careers.

For more information, please contact

Mr D Rooney, Head of Maths

Mrs E Wheeler, Assistant Head of Maths  

Mr M McGuinness, Lead Practitioner - Maths

Mr M Nadeem, Teacher of Maths 

Miss C Potter, Teacher of Maths  

Miss A Shahad, Teacher of Maths 

Mr J Hawes, Teacher of Maths

Mr N Edwards, Teacher of Maths

Miss R Akhtar, Trainee Teacher - Maths