What will my child's learning be like in Spanish?

All students will study Spanish at Key Stage 3 and will have the option to continue their study into Key Stage 4 where they will follow the AQA GCSE Spanish specification. In Key Stage 3 students will learn the foundations of the topics such as: family and friends, free time, festivals, school and work, holidays, and the environment. They will build on this knowledge further at GCSE. All students will be assessed across the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

What are we aiming to achieve in the Modern Foreign Languages department?

Language learning should provide a liberation from insularity. Our curriculum enriches students’ understanding of the world and exposes them to a diverse range of international opportunities and cultures. Whilst fostering students' curiosity, we enable them to develop ideas and opinions, then communicate these for practical purposes. We aim to develop global students by providing an excellent education for all which raises aspirations and deepens their understanding of the wider world. We are committed to a communicative and active approach to language learning, which allows students to be engaged in activities that have realistic and achievable targets. As a result, we hope to inspire a lifelong love of languages and to develop independent language learning skills through an emphasis on linguistic manipulation, grammar and authentic materials.

For more information, please contact

Mrs S Gallagher, Head of Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs K Hartshorne, Teacher of MFL

Miss S Jones, Teacher of Languages