Our aim is for Science lessons to be engaging, exciting and enthralling. We believe that we provide an excellent science education which brings out the best in all of our students. It teaches our young people about the world we live in and provides them with skills for success in later life. It is also important to us that students become confident with practical and written work.

We believe that students should aim high and aspire to follow careers in the science industry like doctors, dentists, vets, astronauts and engineers - the list is endless! Our curriculum will prepare our students to be the scientists of the future. The subject knowledge, scientific language and practical skills that students gain will unlock multiple avenues for them, whether in a science field or not. This could include studying A levels, going to university and more.

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At The Lowry Academy our aim is to ensure all children are scientifically literate individuals who can critically evaluate information to make informed decisions about their lives. At The Lowry Academy we equip pupils with both the knowledge and skills to understand the world around them and develop curiosity. A wealth of opportunities to learn about our local and diverse scientific community shows every child how they can involve science in their future, should they wish to.

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  • Biochemist
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Chiropractor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Dentist
  • GP
  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Oceanographer

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  • Miss Hindle, Head of Science
  • Mrs N Walsh, Assistant Head of Science 
  • Miss J Halewood, Lead Practitioner for Science
  • Mr B Drinkwater, Teacher of Science
  • Mrs M Fitzmaurice, Teacher of Science
  • Mr C Ward, Teacher of Science
  • Miss M Nightingale