School Uniform and Equipment

New Uniform as of September 2023


Please note that boots, canvas pumps and trainers are not permitted. Shoes are deemed to be acceptable for school if they are plain black leather and not overly decorative; they should be flat, black and sensible. Sports branded footwear (including Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas) is not acceptable.

School uniform should be worn on the journey to and from school and at all times in school. Shirts or blouses must be tucked in and buttoned to the neck; sleeves should not be turned up over the blazer cuffs. Only school-related badges should be worn on blazer lapels and jumper cuffs should not be pulled down beyond the blazer’s sleeves. Trousers must not be tucked into socks.

In colder weather, an appropriately smart coat (with no large logos) may be worn over the blazer whilst outside school but not in the school building. Hoodies and tracksuit tops are not permitted.


Our official uniform supplier is Whittakers, Swinton.

Whittakers Schoolwear
123-125 Chorley Road
M27 4AA

0161 794 1396

Open 9.00am to 5.00pm



How to Purchase School Uniform

Other local suppliers are:

Wendy’s Uniform Shop 
428 Tyldesley Road
Manchester M46 9AT

01942 877317

Personal Appearance

No extreme hairstyles or colours are allowed: only conventional cuts and natural colours are permitted.

Students can wear one small stud or sleeper only, in the lobe of each ear. Piercings to other areas including nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue or stomach are not permitted. Neither are clear plastic retainers.

Any additional jewellery, including bracelets or charity bands, will be confiscated.

Only natural-looking make-up is permitted. Nails should be clean and natural: no nail varnish or false nails please.  Any extreme make-up or hand make-up will be removed, however, henna hand decoration at Eid is permitted.

The final decision on uniform acceptability lies with the Principal, Senior Vice Principal or Vice Principal.



All students will be expected to be equipped for their lessons:

  1. A pencil case with two black pens, two green pens, a rubber, two pencils and a ruler for every lesson. If a student loses or forgets their equipment, they will have the opportunity to purchase replacements at the start of each school day. 
  2. A school bag with enough room to hold their equipment, schoolbooks, revision guides and PE kit when needed. Handbags are not allowed. 
  3. Mobile phones will not be allowed at any point during the school day. They must be switched off before a student enters school. Any mobile phone seen or heard will be confiscated until the end of the school day. This includes phones visible in the shirt or front of blazer pockets.