Religious Education

What will my child's learning be like in Religious Education?

We aim to promote a knowledge-rich curriculum at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. We will focus on understanding the six main world religions at Key Stage 3, so students are able to recall and evaluate key arguments about the different faiths and cultures around the world. Students will also discuss and debate some difficult moral and ethical questions, in the hope this will help them to appreciate the difficult decisions that people have to make every day around the world. Key Stage 4 provides students with the opportunity to look more closely at how the Christian and Islamic faiths deal with many issues that affect people every day, evaluating arguments for and against these approaches.

What are we aiming to achieve in the Religious Education department?

The RE curriculum is designed to promote the spiritual, moral and emotional growth of young people. Throughout their studies, students will develop a tolerance of diversity across a variety of cultures, faiths and beliefs. Students will experience religion in the real world through visits to religious sites as well as visits from religious leaders and followers of different faiths.

For more information please contact

Mr D Hargreaves, Head of Humanities

Mr P McKenzie, Teacher of Religious Education