Ethos and Values

At The Lowry Academy, we are committed to ensuring that every student is well educated, has the opportunity to reach their potential and is able to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

We believe in outstanding learning and experiences in and out of classroom. We bid to drive progress and achievement in the classroom alongside developing rounded young people who can thrive in adult life.

The Academy is developing a strong culture focused on delivering excellent standards in all aspect of school life whether that be learning, behaviour, attitude, uniform, attendance and punctuality. We insist upon consistency and a commitment from all.

We know our community well. We specialise in driving the best outcomes in our learners through a relentless focus on the academic curriculum, so our students make progress day in day out and ultimately gain excellent academic qualifications so that they stand as equals in any circle.  Our curriculum provides students with the core knowledge they need for success in education and later life. 

Our co-curricular activities develops the whole person and the talents of the individual. It allows all students to thrive outside the classroom, so they become responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part in adult life and contribute to the community.

We are proud of our commitment to deliver outstanding Education with Character.  Strong partnerships have been made with the local and wider community, giving our students the advantage of learning about issues on the local, national and international agenda, benefiting from external input and then learning to contribute themselves. Our co-curricular clubs work with our students to instil sense of integrity and confidence in them.

Our work and school life are underpinned by our values, which are demonstrated day in and day out by our staff and students alike:

  • We show aspiration by:

    • Applying ourselves 100% in every lesson.

    • Dreaming big.

    • Completing all home learning and meeting all deadlines.

    • Participating in and enjoying co-curricular activities after school.

  • We show respect by:

    • Listening to others and valuing what they have to say.

    • Following instructions when asked.

    • Using manners and speaking respectfully.

    • Carrying out good deeds for others.

    • Caring for the school environment.

  • We show confidence by:

  • Wearing our uniform with pride.

  • Contributing to all lessons positively and asking for help if needed.

  • Believing in our own ability and potential to succeed.

  • Leading others.

  • We show creativity by:

    • Trying something new every day.

    • Giving something a go even if we have never tried it.

    • Finding different ways to overcome difficulties and barriers.

    • Expressing our own personality.

  • We show resilience by:

    • Being in school every day on time.

    • Not allowing barriers to our learning to deter us from trying.

    • Attending all lessons on time.

    • Ensuring we are equipped and ready to learn.