What will my child's learning be like in History?

We aim to promote a knowledge-rich curriculum throughout the school. We will focus on promoting a love of History and mastery of the subject with emphasis on deep knowledge of the topics being studied, alongside historical skills such as working with historical evidence and evaluating historical interpretations. Students will also be expected to complete weekly homework which cements their knowledge and understanding.

What are we aiming to achieve in the History department?

The aim of History is to allow our young people to critically evaluate the world in which they live in the present, by learning from the past. In order to achieve this, we place an emphasis on literacy and the development of vocabulary to enable students to engage with academia. Knowledge and skills should be married within history and students will develop an understanding of historical skills, such as making inferences and evaluating interpretations.

For more information please contact

Alicia Shanks, Head of History and Lead Practitioner for Humanities alicia.shanks@lowryacademy.org.uk

Daniel Hargreaves, Head of Humanities and Teacher of History daniel.hargreaves@lowryacademy.org.uk

Nick Fox, Teacher of History and PSHE co-ordinator nicholas.fox@lowryacademy.org.uk

John Thursfield, Teacher of History john.thursfield@lowryacademy.org.uk