Guided Choices Year 9

At The Lowry Academy, our Guided Choices process is designed to allow our Year 9 students make key decisions about their future with as much support and guidance possible. These are important decisions for our students as the subjects chosen will help to shape a curriculum that will suit interests and future career needs. Guided Choices Booklet 2022

The English Baccalaureate certificate is a key part of our Guided Choices programme at The Lowry Academy. Students who opt for a Humanities subject – either History or Geography and a Modern Language will qualify for the EBacc Certificate. English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science are compulsory components of our KS4 curriculum for all learners. Our EBacc approach reflects the importance placed on studying this combination of subjects by the Department for Education who believe students with this combination of subjects will be provided with 'a properly rounded academic education'. Students following this route should also note they can opt for a further two subjects selected from our full offer thus allowing them to study a broad range of subjects to ensure they keep future options open. 

Alongside the academic subject choices made during this process, it is also important that all students make maximum use of the range of co-curricular opportunities on offer from Music and Drama productions to Sporting activities and the library or science clubs. 

This is an exciting time for students at The Lowry Academy.  

Please click on the image to view our Guided Choices booklet or you can click here Guided Choices Booklet 2022

If you have any further queries after reading our 2022 Guided Choices Booklet then please contact Mr Oldfield, Deputy Headteacher via email: