Why do we want students to participate in co-curricular activities?

The activities we offer outside of the classroom are designed to support students in their personal development. Co-curricular activities will help students develop key character traits like teamwork, resilience, patience, confidence and commitment. Students will have fun in these activities; they can escape pressures of life and have joyful experiences with friends and staff, gaining a sense of achievement. For students considering their future, these interests and commitments will demonstrate their character to potential colleges, universities and employers.

Some students may have had less success in school than others; co-curricular activities are a fantastic way for students to rebuild their relationship with school and see how they can have a positive relationship with school, staff, and peers.

How does the co-curricular offer support personal development?

We use the Aspire programme which involves students completing quizzes at the start of the year to identify how pupils rate themselves on various aspects of personal development, PSHE, wellbeing, and their future aspirations. They also identify which areas they would like to improve. This informs our planning so we can ensure our offer is tailored to the needs and interests of our students and meets their personal development needs. These results also allow our form tutors to understand our students and supports the programme of 1-1 conversations that are planned.

Click here to view our timetable Aspire 2021 - 2022 Alternatively you can view the images of the timetable below. 

Aspire 2021 - 2022