Year 6 Transition

Please explore the Parents and Students areas of our website to find important information about the school day timings, homework, the curriculum and more.

Please also visit our Uniform page to find out what to wear and where to buy it.

Salford Foundation have produced a special transition booklet for year 6 students that addresses the implications of COVID-19. This booklet leads students to accept where they are; find positives in the period of lockdown and address their feelings; and then to move forward to high school and think about what life might be like as a high school pupil.

Boost Transitions Booklet

Here are some other websites providing support to help year 6 students prepare for transition can be found:

Here is great booklet on e-safety aimed at year 6 students moving to secondary: Internet Safety Guidance


If you are a student experiencing or are in danger of neglect, abuse, radicalisation or are vulnerable to exploitation please see Miss Williams or Miss Harvey for assistance and advice as soon as possible – don’t suffer in silence.

You can email Miss Williams directly at

Alternatively, you can use The Sharp System (School Help Advice Reporting Page) online, to make a report via an online form, which can be done anonymously if you prefer.