Covid19 Information

Remote Learning

Click here to view the remote learning timetable for students isolating. Here you can find links to pre-recorded lessons matching those taking place within the academy. 

Key information for parents

If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 you will receive an email and call detailing the online learning provision. The information on this page provides help and guidance with online learning.


How can parents support their child with online learning?

To best support your child’s online learning and progress,

  • Engage with and respond to all communication from the academy. This includes reading all emails and texts that are sent to parents and answering calls from the academy’s staff during the working day.
  • Make sure your child has a distraction-free environment to learn in. This can include keeping background noises to a minimum, ensuring your child has turned off their notifications and is not getting distracted by other people.
  • Monitor your child throughout the school day to make sure they are focused and engaged. This will include checking your child is logged on and is completing work set by their teacher.
  • Check your child’s engagement with their learning. Asking your child the following questions will help you connect with their learning online.
    • What lessons do you have today?
    • What have you been learning in your online lesson?
    • What work have you produced?
    • What homework do you need to complete?


What if my child cannot connect to online learning?

If your child does not have a working device or internet connection, please contact their Head of Year immediately.

In cases where students cannot access online learning (e.g. through a broken device or issue with WiFi) the academy can provide support. There are a range of options to support students who cannot access online learning.


What if my child is having technical difficulties?

If your child experiences any technical difficulties they should contact the academy. We will aim to provide guidance or support that will resolve the technical issue.

Students should email  if they require any assistance.



How can I help keep my child safe online?

There are several useful websites and resources that provide clear guidance to parents on how to keep their child safe online. Below you can find the link to some of these websites below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please contact their Head of Year.

Gov.UK – Practical guidance for parents

UK Safe Internet Centre

NSPCC – internet safety


How can I support my child’s wellbeing during remote learning?

Your child must have regular breaks from the screen on their device(s). You can support your child to have ‘screen breaks’ by asking them to stop using their device after a lesson.