Business Studies

Students in Key Stage 4 can study for a Cambridge National Level 1/2 Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing

What with my child's learning look like in Business Studies?

All students will be taught a challenging and enriching curriculum which promotes entrepreneurial skills and provides students with mastery level knowledge. We will work with local businesses so that the students can raise their aspirations and develop those entrepreneurial skills to become effective problem solvers.

What are we aiming to achieve in the Business Department? 

We aim to develop and stimulate curiosity to maintain students' interest and enjoyment of Business Studies. We do this by focusing on technical skills, such as market research, planning, promotion and finance using realistic work scenarios. We also develop personal skills such as monitoring own performance, time management and problem solving. This will instil not only business knowledge but vital skills needed for further study and employment.

Visit the exam board website here to view specifications, assessments and example materials.

For more information, please contact

Miss S Shabir, Head of Computing and Business